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An Experience in Relaxation and Great Sleep

An Experience in Relaxation and Great Sleep

Turning off of the mind can be very difficult. In a quest for great sleep, I can only reflect on my childhood memory of Sesame Street and counting sheep. This made me wonder. why sheep? I came up with three possibilities, which made perfect sense. I can remember seeing these cartoon animals jumping over a wooden fence and think the jumping has to represent floating up towards the sky and releasing the cares of the day.

The sheep are somewhat round and fluffy like a cloud, and their bodies remind me of a soft pillow.

Lastly, the counting portion I think is supposed to put you in a trance of strict concentration and an almost hypnotizing, boring drill so your mind will check out or zone out on the sheep. I am not sure counting sheep is not going to help although it has been a favorite “go to” solution. It will help focus the mind on one thing, and that seems to be part of the trick to getting great rest. Perhaps that is why Serta uses sheep in their commercials.

Many of us get up in the morning feeling like we need more sleep. Hormones, illnesses, medication, and injuries will play a big part in those temporary sleepless nights. Problems and medical conditions aside, sleep evades many of us. Although many suggest preparing for sleep by skipping caffeine and avoiding exercise, I wonder if we did those things with a relaxation experience in bandung, Indonesia technique. Would that take us to another level of rest? Well, I had just that type of experience recently.

To find some exciting music for my Ti Chi, I found information on beta waves and Chinese relaxation music. According to various websites including Wikipedia, brain waves are produced based on your active state so I assume if you are listening to the most relaxing type of “wave” you will become more mentally relaxed. This is well outside of my area of knowledge, but I tried it and had the best night’s sleep ever! The funny thing is I fell to sleep so quickly that when the phone rang, I felt like I was snatched out of something so pleasant.

Naturally one would want to prepare for sleep by avoiding stimulants, relaxing, turning off lights and doing all of the things suggested by the medical and scientific professionals out there, but try a little research on brainwaves or relaxing music and see what you find. You might get a new level of bliss.